A Light-Hearted Disney Post

I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d write about my feelings on Disney films, because somtimes I actually do want to write about stuff I like..

Oh snap, what a meta inside blog reference.

The internet ruined my ability to see these movies through innocent eyes anymore. Not with the endless amount of conspiracy theories about Mickey and satanic references, the hate against the portrayal of women, Walt’s past in general, and the dreaded rule 34 of the internet…

rule 34

When I was a child though, I didn’t even see shit like that, and I consider myself a fairly perseptive child.

But as a child I was mesmerised by the music.

Especially the Disney films I grew up with, in the 90s, when I was 4 and Disney brought me childlike wonder and joy even in my already darkening soul.

So I’ll always appreciate Disney for that.

Sometimes it’s just calming as shit to stop adulting for one second, stop the cynical basterdry of your mind that comes from getting older, and experience the amazing beats of the 90s Disney.

Let me leave you with my favourite Disney song of all.

I know, it’s super catchy cool, you’re welcome.


Best Of The Internet – My Brother’s The Original Hipster

Disclaimer: All photos of me were either taken by Jes or someone close and are easily found on Flickr, this isn’t a private blog, I am Kim, this is me.

My brother inspired me a lot growing up, I guess you could say he was the only real role model I chose to look up to so therefore he shaped my personality in a way. I do not believe I would be the same person if he was never in my life.

Capitalist Studies – Jes

I’m writing this post for 2 reasons, mainly because the internet is a big thing filled with lots of stuff, and YouTube is only a fraction of the whole of the internet. Plus, I just wanted to write a little sister admiration post because, well, he’s always been the closet family member to me, he was old enough to be my father yet never tried to take on a parental role with me. He was always my brother, unlike my other brother who I lived with for 4 years who tried to take on the role of being my father at 20 because he wanted to prove to mum he could do a better job at raising me and that she was the one that fucked me, needless to say that he learnt his lesson when I rebelled worse then a teenager against him for the exact same reasons as I did mum. Enough about him though.


This is my brother Jes, as he is pretty popular on Flickr and getting there on Instagram so that is why I’m putting up pictures, his username is Mugley. This is still a promotion post, just like all the YouTube posts. Because if you’re into photography then my brother is pretty fucking good at it, good enough to randomly get thrown in a competition and come first, but also the Victorian government paid to use one of his photos as a background of their campaign. His photos have made it into magazines about Melbourne City for tourists, plus he’s the only photographer I know of who likes to concentrate on silly signs, poo in toilets and vomit on the side of the road. Why? Because it’s funny that’s why, and if you put a filter over it, vomit can look pretty fucking weird.

The first mugley rule of photography (which should be ignored if you want to take a decent picture): Find something stupid, and if you can’t find something stupid, try to find something beautiful. – Jes profile quote on Flickr

And may I say, he embodies that quote on a daily basis, believe me.

Mugley Irwin (calm down he didn’t hit that kangaroo and neither did that truck, Jes doesn’t drive, it’s just roadkill, perfect excuse for stupid photo)

I have never met a person who didn’t instantly like Jes. He has a natural charisma about him, not to mention a high pitched giggle of a laugh that I’ve never heard anyone do before. Plus he’s only short like me. He’s also a genius. He was reading newspapers at 3, he was dubbed a gifted child from the higher ups. And in all honesty he is, but not in the typical math equation and shit kind of way, more like programming and a bullshit ability to just be amazing at everything he decides to pick up. He was a punk that grew up as a teenager in the 90s, he stayed vegan for 15 years because he cared about treatment of animals, even though he never owned pets. He cares about the planet and politics in our country. He taught me tolerance, he taught me from a young age not to be racist, to care about the environment, the difference between introduced species and native animals. He taught me to give a fuck about things and not be a mindless zombie like the rest who don’t care.

He captured my rant face perfectly, I was about 13 here.

He lived in the city by himself, and I lived with my parents about an hours drive away. He used to look after me on weekends and school holidays sometimes. I loved it, I used to dread leaving the city at the end of the normal 3 nights. My full name is Kimberley, not Kim, apparently when I was 3 I used to call myself Kimbilly. So ever since then he made up the song, and to this day writes it in every single birthday card I get off him, Kim-Billy-Billy-Billy-Kim-Billy-Bob. So to him, my nickname is Billy, so every photo that he’s taken of me that is on flickr, or taken by anyone else associated with Jes, I’m always referred to as Billy. He used to say good boy to me all the time too, because I had no interest in being a girl, I wasn’t allowed to fart in front of my dad, when i was with Jes I could burp and fart and fucking laugh about it, be silly, be a child. He was the only fucking person in my life who let me be a kid, not only that, but got down on my level to laugh at childish things like farts. And considering my rocky start into my teenage years, I NEEDED those stays with Jes, because I didn’t have to talk seriously, I didn’t have to spill my guts, we could just go see a funny movie and look at all the comic book shops in the city (I’ve loved cartoons since I’ve been knee-high) and laugh at stupid Chinese takeaway signs with badly written english, and just be a kid.

This is a photo of our city Melbourne, taken by Jes

What makes Jes different from other photographers is his obsession with finding the stupid in everything, down to tiny details, and he turns his photographs into humour with the witty titles and descriptions he adds to the photos. He is the most introverted person I’ve ever known living alone and travelling alone. But hey, it’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him.

Skunk’s Not Dead! – Jes (I was such a rebel with my hair at 17, a few months later I chopped off the sides, bleached it all and died it bright pink)

He’s always been the type to stay out of all family drama entirely growing up, staying quiet most of his school life and then earning up enough money to leave home at 22 and never looked back. He has never missed a birthday, event or family occasion, he tries to stay in contact but moved to the city so that most of the family would not want to visit because driving in the city itself is hell, and Jes knows there’s no way they’d catch a train and see him, no, ew, public transport is gross to the people that drive in my family, which is everyone except me and Jes. So that’s why I went and saw him all the time, every train line leads to the city so he was easy for me to get to wherever I was in Melbourne.

Don’t scare the machines! by Jes (caption by Jes from Instagram)

Jes is the type of person who appreciates it when people do things like take photos of graffiti in bathroom stalls and sending it to him. He can make something funny from basically nothing, his wit is so sharp and quick. But tough luck having a serious conversation with him, he will always turn the subject into a joke, it’s his way of coping with things. Great example was when we was up with Aunt D making arrangements for Nannas funeral, and he told me he was going up there to burn her body and make sure she’s properly dead in case she came back as a zombie. Not to mention the remarks at the viewing of the body, which made me have to hold my face in from laughing while everyone else was silent and serious. But that’s how we always are together, rude, crude and offensive. We watch all the same horror movies, I like all the old school punk. He even gave me his old punk trenchcoat which had a bloody-nosed Sid Vicious, and a death to facism drawn in chalk with an anti-nazi symbol on it, which we pulled off before he gave it to me because he didn’t want me to get beaten up regardless. I wore that loud and proud at 12, all I wanted was to be like Jes.

Touche graffitist

If you like what you saw and love appreciate photography, please follow Jes on Twitter, Instagram and Flickr, you’ll never get and drama, only funny. I’ll provide links below

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