Best Of YouTube: Learning – The Game Theorists

It’s time for a new sub-category, Learning, yay! Learning is so much fun on YouTube, some of the bigger channels dedicated to explaining science.

It may seem like at the moment I only seem to enjoy funny parody artists and silly animators so this next channel I picked was a good one to head of this sub-category.

The Game Theorists


This is MatPat. This guy is a fucking genius, damn those hyper intelligent people. I mean the guy was a musical theatre performer doing a degree of some sorts, while he did his degree in Neuroscience as a back up option if theatre didn’t go anywhere. Which it didn’t, but neither did the Neuroscience (smart people that are smart enough to perform work on your fucking BRAIN decides that isn’t what he wants to do so instead turned to making videos on YouTube), but at least Game Theory as a channel is finally doing as well as it should with a comfortable 6 million or so subscribers with an average view-count of 1 million views on average per episode.

This show is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a show that theorises on ways that video games can work in real life from his own calculations of things, because, you know, the guys a fucking genius so every video he makes is informative, interesting and because he has a great way of explaining how science works (a skill that my science teacher lacked in high school) you leave every episode feeling smarter, more knowledgeable and that’s a fucking brilliant thing in my eyes.

At least 75% of the YouTube population that use it as a social media platform as well and comment on all the videos are children under the age of 21. MatPat is the science teacher who they never listen to at school. And again, this is why YouTube is great, because there are so many educational channels on YouTube that are fun, interesting and actively encourage learning. And believe me the kids respond well to this and watch shows like that. And that’s why I’m not worried about the schools, at least they still get an education by their own choosing.

And guess what? Leaving young adults who studied and taught themselves stuff to make their channels, aren’t even teachers yet still have a much better, clearer way of explaining things then any classroom teacher. The reason why these guys are better at grabbing the attentions of young people is their passion and enthusiasm, not just for science but for learning, discovering and experimenting in general. They genuinely love what they are doing and love the topics they cover enough to fully understand the ideas and explain it to others. You don’t get that with school teachers. And as Albert Einstein quoted ‘if you can’t explain something properly then you don’t know enough about the subject you’re trying to trying to inform someone of’. That was my rendition of that quote, I couldn’t be bothered looking up the correct wording.

MatPat started the Game Theorists channel on YouTube when he had just left college and was struggling to get a job, after a couple of years of crushing lack of views the channel started gaining recognition and the channel started flourishing. Now instead of just being a one man show he now operates as a team, with about 3 more personalities doing their own theory videos on the Game Theorists channel. He also saw the potential in creating a channel like Game Theorists except movies and tv instead of games (this is one that will also make it in here at some stage) which is also fucking awesome with theories like Can You Survive The Hunger Games? Or the connection between all the Disney princess movies of the last 10 years or Can Doctor Who Actually Exist or How Christian Gray From 50 Shades Of Gray is A Cult Leader (omg why did I not do film theorist first?!)

Game Theorists wasn’t only about games though, they covered what MatPat calls ‘meta theories’ which is where he talked about subjects like Why Is Pewdiepie So Popular or How Tv Wants To Take Over YouTube.

To the older generation out there, all this may seem irrelevant for children to learn because they don’t actually teach science, they only theorise? What if I told you that theorising is one of the single most useful skills a child could learn? Because MatPat doesn’t tell you what you should believe, he never grounds any of his theories in facts, he always makes sure to accentuate the fact that he’s only theorising and he’s probably wrong. He doesn’t tell you what to think, he teaches you how to think, through thinking outside the box, through placing science in situations that kids enjoy, video games/movies and the science he does explain is real, it’s just the setting of it is so unique and random it just makes you want to keep watching and learning things.

And we need more learning and education so thank you MatPat and the whole Game/Film Theorist crew.

Since these are longer videos I’m only going to be putting up one example. I chose this one because the game he’s covering is all about making hard decisions, a choose your own path style game called Life Is Strange. In this theory he delves into the whole Myers Briggs Personality types and the difference between who makes what sacrifice in the end (not putting spoilers just watch the video). It made me want to do the test again, I’ve always been INFJ but when I did it last year I was INFP. But when I did it twice this morning on two different websites just to get an accurate typing, one said INFJ the other said INFP, I may be either one or both, I think this test is pretty fucking interesting.

The Myers Briggs Personality Test was a data experiment to measure what characteristics make people fall under a category, or something. This is the closest thing you can get to a true personality test as it is based off data from a huge assortment of volunteers, not to mention other volunteers like me who, every time does a Myers Briggs Personality Test, is giving up their information willingly for the staticians who study this thing. It’s pretty dumb to assume people just fit into perfect categories like that but that’s not what this test is about. All this does is calculate how all your basic moralities and characteristics fall under 2 basic groups (so it’s meant to be basic personality types, not a whole detailed thing made exclusively for you). Here are what the 4 letters stand for and mean to give you a better understanding of what these categories are:

  • First Letter I or E stands for Introverted or Extroverted. Introverted people like to be alone, Extroverted people like to always be around people, that’s pretty basic.
  • Second Letter S or N which stands for Sensing or iNtuitive (obviously would’ve been confusing if they made another I). Sensing people tend to stay grounded in the present and work with concrete information gained from their senses, whereas iNtuitive people tend to focus on the future and what they can do based on patterns of wins and failures.
  • Third Letter T or F which stands for Thinking or Feeling. Thinking people base their decisions off logic and reason whereas Feeling people base their decisions on morality and values.
  • Forth Letter J or P which stands for Judgement or Perception. Judgement people tend to need organisation and settled, everything has to be planned out, they don’t like surprises. Whereas Perception people tend to be spontaneous and hate being tied down to a schedule so are usually completely dis-organised.

The only letter that test has never been able to decide on with me is the last letter, because I like both simultaneously, I like being settled but hate being tied down to schedules, but I love filing cabinets and sub categories and all that. Not everyone fits into the same category, some can spread out over a few, it’s just a generalised test, but still interesting nonetheless. If you want to do the rest yourself search Myers Briggs Free Personality Test, I’m not linking any particular one because it’s up to personal preference what style you like, they’re all still the same thing.

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I ❤ YouTube, please support the new generation of entertainers, fuck mainstream media.