Best Of YouTube: Musicians – NateWantsToBattle

So this category is going to cover every other musical people that aren’t parody artists, or only slightly, but not as good at it to land it under Parody Artists. Most of the musicians I’m going to show on here are comedy bands, people using noise effects on people speaking and turning it into music, people with stupid amounts of singing and musical talents that make you want to give up, and acapella singers, because people are really getting into that for some reason.

Naturally, I thought the best person to start of this sub-category would be:



This is Nathan Sharpe, this guy is the first person on YouTube I ever subscribed to. He’s a singer, he’s a guitarist, he likes to cover songs that are mainly video game or pop culture related, and when he has done parodies they are to do with Pokemon, hence not really belonging in the Parody Artist category. He also has tried to follow along the same path as everyone else with a few lets plays here or there, but he’s not really that funny, or that good at gaming, he is most definitely a musician.

Plus he’s fucking adorable what more can I say, I like nerdy boys with glasses who don’t care enough about their hair other then to just comb it back.

The first video I saw of his was his cover of the Pokemon Season 1 Theme song, I thought this was great 4 years ago as it was when all the singing shows on TV were really big over here. My idea was that I wanted to audition for Australian Idol or Australia’s Got Talent singing the Pokemon Theme and doing it flawlessly like it were a ballad. I thought that idea sounded super funny, and totally awesome if I were a good enough singer to pull it off. I mean, that would be fucking hilarious to see, I would love to see that. The contestant being all super serious at the start and then belting out;

I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was

To catch them is my real test

 To train them is my cause!

And that’s what drew me to Nate, because that’s exactly what he did in his cover of it. He started his career on YouTube and became popular with his Pokemon and Minecraft parody songs, but in the last 2 years, because of his rise in popularity he’s able to finally leave that childish crap behind and concentrate on what he truly wants to do. And I guess that’s cover 16 bit video game music and turn it into metal or pop/punk. And in my personal opinion, he’s better now then what he was, and you can see that it’s what he would rather be doing over making up parody songs for 10 years old about Minecraft (but is the single quickest way to become a YouTube celebrity, just play, sing, anything about Minecraft because the population of YouTube people are mainly kids who like watching videos about Minecraft).

He’s not afraid to do what he wants anymore, even if that included pissing off his fans for not approving of the song he decided to cover. Which was a Justin Beiber song but I can’t remember which one, either way his fans were like this is lame, and to be honest I kind of felt the same but obviously left no comment. The response that Nate himself gave to his fans that were criticising him was something along the lines of ‘not giving the song a chance because of the original artists is not only small-minded but also a disrespect to music in general’, and I was like damn, he’s right, I’m a judgemental fuck. And that’s why even if I don’t quite enjoy the new stuff he’s doing (which is predominately pop-punk which grinds on my eardrums no end) I’ll always still watch his videos and not never unsubscribe. Because whether I personally like his style or not doesn’t change the fact that he’s a super talented musician, and I have all the respect in the world for that.

So as per usual, here are my 3 Nate choices that you should totally check out:

Let Me Out (Tiny Rick) – Rick and Morty Cover

This is a pop-punk cover of a 1 minute song that came from the show Rick and Morty, Season 2 episode 7 called ‘Big Trouble In Little Sanchez’ where Rick decides to make a clone of himself as a teenager so he can go undercover and kill the vampires in Mortys high school. But because he is a teenager he refuses to leave his teenage clone body and in this time his original body is dying in the tube. The song ‘Let Me Out’ is what teenage Rick decides to sing to ask for help because he no longer starts seeing the point in going back to his own body as he’s become depressed and hormonal from being in a teenagers body for too long, the lyrics are also written to sound like a whiny, teenage angst song and that’s why Nate did such a good job on this cover. If you haven’t seen Rick and Morty I highly recommend it, it’s one of the smartest, funniest most original adult cartoon I’ve seen in a while, or just check out the original version of the song from a clip on YouTube, it’s not hard too find.

‘Good Wall’ Parody of ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke

You know I hate the original of this song, and that I love parodies, but lately the only parodies I’ve seen of this song are just ripping on Robin Thicke being a bit creepy and gross. It’s kind of nice to see a parody where they’ve just completely ignored the original subject of the song and turned it into something completely different, even though that version of completely different may just be Minecraft or Pokemon. This is the latter, a song about indepth Pokemon battling, it’s just so innocent and sweet. You can trust me I’ll NEVER trick you into watching a Minecraft related video of any kind, I’ll only ever bore you with Pokemon ones instead. Just so you have a rough idea what any of it means, all he’s talking about is breeding a perfect team for competitive battling (which involves a lot of wasted time for perfect Natures and stats like naive, timid, sassy etc all these personality types effect the stats, so if you want a really good defending Pokemon then having a timid nature is bad because its highest stat would be speed, hope that is a tiny bit understandable) and the ‘Good Wall’ is the first Pokemon you throw out, because you have no idea what the opponents going to send out you need a really tanky, heavy hitting Pokemon, preferably normal type so it has no strengths or weaknesses but high health, so it can be your wall in front of your other 5 Pokemon with abilities, you put it out first to hopefully defend you enough to see your opponents other Pokemon and what you’re up against, or to try and take a chunk out of your opponents Pokemon before you even have to use the rest of your team. Pokemon is a highly strategic game, trust me you need to be incredibly smart to be good at Pokemon.

‘Guren no Yumiya’ Attack On Titan Opening Theme English Cover

Attack on Titan is my favourite anime, it is an intense, serious anime with an awesome opening credits song. This was Nates first attempt at acapella singing in replacement to instruments (which was heavily inspired by Smooth McGroove, but he will be left for any day), it’s a tiny bit shaky on the higher notes, it’s clear that Nate would rather belt out a note then hold it in falsetto which is clear he’s not really not confident in. Asides from that I think he does a really good job at this, it’s a full on song with a lot going on in it, I would love to see him re-do it now considering this was done about a year and a half or so ago. Oh, and again, go watch Attack On Titan if you haven’t already seen it, it’s pretty fucking amazing (sorry for over-hyping everything but I am this naturally excited about the things I like). I’m leaving the english lyrics though because I love them, such a strong song;

Our names won’t be remembered

If we die like trampled flowers

I refuse to be forgotten

Written off as less then worthless

Scream and cry

But none will hear you

Plead and beg

But none will help you

You no longer live as cattle

Will you rise and join the battle?

There are beings that live off of fears

And their words are like knives

As they play with our lives

They’ll try to control you

As if they own you

Will you let them steal your freedom?

Channel the anger swelling inside you

Fighting the boundary ’till you break through

Deep in your soul there’s no hesitation

So make yourself the one they all fear

There is a wild fire inside you

Burning desire you can’t extinguish

Your crimson arrow

Rips through the twilight

This is the moment for war