Best Of YouTube: Parody Artists – Bad Lip Reading

So we only just discovered this one 2 days ago, and since then we’ve had songs on loop and everything.

I’ve seen people try and attempt what these guys do, but it’s not nearly as good as this channel.

Bad Lip Reading


Let me just say, YouTubes system worked 2 days ago because they for once recommended a channel that wasn’t just complete chunder.

This channel has been the favourite thing for me, as I said before, we were listening to these songs all day yesterday. In all honesty I wasn’t sure whether to put them in this sub-category or whether they belong in the muscians one, but I think I made the correct decision.

The premise of this channel is exactly what it sounds like. They mainly just talk over movie scenes with new lines that fits perfectly into what the original character is saying. And it’s cool that they branched off from that to do music too.

Which is cool, it’s not even quite a full parody of anything, it’s them making a beat of a new song and making it look like the character is actually singing the song. It’s hard to explain so I’ll just show you with examples;

“Jeff Who Lives At Home”

This is a sketch I was talking about, where they badly lip read what the actors are saying in the film and turn it into something silly. I really wish I had’ve found this page sooner.

Carl Poppa

Ok, this ones purely my fault that we remember all the tune and lyrics and it’s only been 2 days. I don’t know why it’s so catchy either, the way these songs are written, the lyrics aren’t meant to make sense. And I don’t really like the Walking Dead either, so I don’t know why I love this song so much. But when I was really bad yesterday, mister coaxed me out of the house and just put Carl Poppa on repeat in the car for me. The music I listen to nowadays is strange, and I’m ok with that.

Bushes of Love

Me and Mister are both obsessed with this song, and he’s a Star Trek fan and I’m a whovian so we have no time in our fandoms for Star Wars. Yet this song is Star Wars themed, and it’s just honestly one of the best sounding songs I’ve heard in a while, regardless what the song is about.


Best Of YouTube: Parody Artists -Bart Baker

So I’ve been a bit ranty and weird in the last few posts, I promise that everything is ok in life, I just forgot for a while how to just rant at something. This is my only outlet for ranting because everytime I start ranting I sound exactly like how my blog would sound if I was speaking it. Fuck me, that’s the most duh no shit Sherlock moment I’ve had in a while.

So I had to start on another sub-category (and don’t worry there’s plenty of these sub categories, we watch a wide array of things. And I thought I’d write about someone fun and light-hearted, to counteract the fact that I’ve been writing like teenage girl who’s balls ┬ájust dropped (yeah, that’s a pretty fucking weird metaphor, and an odd thing to think about, that’s about the strangeness of where my heads been at lately).

Bart Baker

imageThis is Bart Baker, he has the highest subs out of any music parody group on YouTube. In my eyes, he’s the new, modern day Weird Al Yankovich, tackling all the new pop hits with as much originality and sass as Weird Al. And for me to say that about Bart is pretty big admiration considering I grew up with Weird Al and loved him, plus it’s what I do! I’m constantly singing made up lyrics to songs that I hear, fuck I attempted to write a parody song once (The parody was of Where Is My Mind but the Placebo cover, because, well, it’s a terrible cover and Placebos voice is so whiny and nasally it is the easiest voice in the world to voice act/sing with. My version of the song was Where Is My Light which was about constantly losing a lighter when you need one…. I think I’m dumb too don’t worry.)

I also have a soft spot for Bart and all Barts because reasons.

What makes Bart so brilliant at what he does is because he researches the fuck out of everything to do with whatever songs he’s parodying. For example, all the Taylor Swift songs he parodies the theme is the same throughout, all digs at her writing songs about her exes except over dramatised.

He will also throw his own opinion in from messages he reads in the song, examples of this was in All About The Bass where he attacks Meghan Trainor directly in the song saying she’s giving girls the wrong message about healthy body image. Another example was Blurred Lines, even though it was comedic parody you can here Barts sarcastic opinion all throughout.

Bart doesn’t just dig on the originals artists life and activities, he also attacks the video clips along with it with all of his parodies being staged on the same sets as the original videoclip with everyone doing the same things. His critisicms on pop artists of today are fair and well thought out. It’s not like he’s some idiot calling the girls that do pop songs sluts or anything. In all of his songs he’s either expressing an opinion, but most of the time is just being incredibly over the top silly.

As I’ve been doing, I’ll post 3 song examples and write a bit about them;

I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift

There’s no way I could’ve done this post without providing an example of the way he rips apart Taylor Swift. One thing I love about Bart is how comfortable he is in playing a woman’s role. This was the first Taylor Swift song he parodied with a lot more that followed. It’s also a song that was one of his older styles.

Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

If I spelt her name wrong, then please don’t bother correcting me, I honestly don’t give a flying fuck how you spell her name. Even though Bart writes all these songs, if someone is better suited to singing it, then he lets them star and he will just play a tiny role in the video clip somewhere. I couldn’t not add this song because I fucking hate this song, and I hate Nicki Minaj, why? Because she’s an untalented bitch who’s only message to little girls is fuck every man you see and stab your best friend in the back for money, because Money over Bitches apparently, don’t believe me look it up. In her own words, she a stoopid ho, stoopid, stoopid, stoopid ho.

Work – Rhianna feat Drake

I added this song last because it’s one of his more later songs. As you are all aware pop music over the years has become less about singing and more about crappy dance beats that incorporate slight amounts of singing but mainly more whiny rap talking. For this reason it’s slightly harder to parody music then it was for Weird Al doing known popular songs. I didn’t know the original of this song at all, but Bart still found a way to make me find it just as funny as the stuff I knew he was parodying.