Best Of YouTube: Personalities – Jenna Marbles

It was pretty hard to think of a sub-category that explains what Jenna does so I thought I’d just put her under Personalities.

This sub category is dedicated to the people who don’t fit in any of the categories I’ve already covered, hah. These type of YouTube Personalities are popular for just being themselves. I wouldn’t class them as vloggers, they’re more about sketches and opinions and just different ideas done in an entertaining fashion, as most YouTube personalities rely on humour to drive their videos above all else.

And again, I’ve had a habit of starting a sub category with the most popular you tubers in their categories, which wasn’t intentional but usually the most popular were on YouTube for a lot longer. So I thought, why not pick one of the top 40 of highest subscriber counts on YouTube. And coming in at 17th most popular YouTube channel with 17 million subscribers is:

Jenna Marbles


This is Jenna, she is the only female channel in the top 40, and she doesn’t even play video games (pretty well the whole top 40 is male lets players like Pewdiepie)!

It’s sad that I have to put emphasis on the fact that she’s female, and it’s also sad that the basis of most of Jenna’s hate mail comes from other women. Because I guess from the outside you would automatically judge her as a bimbo, completely superficial because she does her make-up so well. And that’s something that really shits me about other women and their judgements over make-up. I don’t wear make-up anymore (which is way too young for normal girls to stop caring about make-up) but that doesn’t mean I don’t value and appreciate the artform that is make-up.

I got half way through 2 different beauty courses and I’ve done a lot of musical theatre. Do people forget that make-up is more then just orange, caked on liquid and is also used for special effects and stuff? Do you know how many products these women on YouTube use to gain the effects of their faces? It’s amazing, these chicks can make their faces look thinner with contour, make their eyes giant and fix their eyebrows to make it look natural. They look so completely different, yet the moment they take the make-up off they get all the shit off people for being ugly, yet all the shit off the other women who believe they’re harming feminism.

It’s not easy to be a YouTuber, you need a thick skin or else everyone will rip you apart because as much as YouTube is wonderful, doesn’t mean the comment sections of channels are.

And Jenna does this with grace, you can tell she doesn’t take it on board and that no one can take away her bubbly view on the world.

I have a lot of respect for her, she aims her jokes towards early to mid 20s girly girls but she also does a lot of random sketches and rants. She loves to include her weird looking dogs and sometimes even her bf/husband?

I must admit my first initial judgement when I first saw the picture she has as her profile picture in YouTube was what a slut. I look back on it and feel ashamed. Because to judge a woman for being prettier/wearing make-up isn’t right. Just because girls like to dress up and party doesn’t make them all airheads or sluts. Jenna is a great person that bridges the gap between judgements, and I think her place in the top 40 is well deserved.

As per usual I’ll put up 3 videos up, they aren’t all the same times but all are under 7 minutes:

Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last

This is fucking brilliant. Jenna has a whole playlist dedicated to her thoughts and opinions and rants on subjects. This rant in particular is about how men bitch about girls not liking them because girls go for arseholes and nice guys finish last. This is a rant I’ve had since high school, especially fucking high school with the temperamental hormonal boys that were constantly chasing me and I was rejecting. When I watch this video alone it tends to make me yell out things to the tv like, OH MY GOD YES, THANKYOU, PREACH IT SISTA!

Drunk Make-Up Tutorial

This is also excellent. There are a LOT of girls on YouTube that do proper makeup tutorials, make-up tutorials is its on sub category (that I’ll probably never cover, sorry). Jenna likes to take the piss out of relatable, simple things like being a bimbo or men, other random stuff too but she likes to have fun and be silly, nothing about her is bitchy either she’s just so silly. This video is great because she’s taking the piss on all the make-up tutorial videos by trying to put on a full face of make-up while drunk, the results are pretty fucking hilarious.

My 200th Video

This is the most serious video I’ve ever seen on her channel. It’s basically a slide-show with captions, because one of the first lines in the video is

I want my words to speak for themselves -Jenna Marbles

A lot of you tubers remind their fans how much they appreciate them. This video is no different then that but with an added wisdom I’ve never really heard from someone like that (again, me being incredibly judgemental). No matter what you thought of the last 2 videos, and you don’t think Jenna is your thing, please just watch this last video. I think this message is important for EVERYONE to hear.

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I ❤ YouTube.

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