Best Of YouTube: Rant Channels – I Hate Everything

The people that are going to be covered in this sub-category are primarily Pommies because they are better then Americans at sounding snide and sarcastic all the time (which I’m jealous of because in comparison the Aussie accent is so slang and lazy it just doesn’t have the same impact).

Because obviously the English are also better at whinging, so therefore naturally excellent in long-winded rants. Ahhh ranting. It’s one of my favourite things to do, except usually the other person copping my rant can’t handle it for too long because of my aggression apparently. Fucking soft cocks.

This blog was going to be a rant blog, just read my About. It’s written very clearly that my blog title I Like Things is meant to be ironic, because it was initially going to be a rant page. I was tossing up on the name I Hate Everything, but turns out that idea was already taken, and this guy has always been a huge inspiration to my own writing.

I Hate Everything


This is the guy from the channel I Hate Everything, I don’t know his name or what he looks like, only that he’s a snide, sarcastic, whinging pom. And whinge he does. And it’s the best because there’s nothing more that I love then a well thought out, clever rant that doesn’t just shit all over everything and has a good valid point at the end of it. In fact, it’s what I strive to achieve every time I write a rant.

This guy is a pretty popular considering his content. With about 800k subs and a larger then usual influx of daily hateful comments. And I think that’s pretty lame that people get so butt hurt so easily over things. Because all it is is his opinions on stuff, he’s not unfair about it, he’s just honest about what he thinks. And I admire that in people. I admire anyone that can turn anger into something clever and funny.

I’m only going to post 2 examples because they are a tiny bit longer, plus there’s not many examples I really need to give you, his channel is a rant channel, his content is ranting, and if it’s not ranting, it’s out takes of him fucking up his ranting.

I Hate Negativity

This is a double negative, as well as having not much to do with what the video is actually about. It’s actually a video of rant ettiquette, and an explanation of the difference between what he does, which is turning brutally honest opinions into funny well thought out videos, compared to the people that just rant incoherently on YouTube. And honestly, I agree with him completely on this and I always try to follow his rules on rant ettiquette.

5 Epic Ways To Become a YouTube Celebrity!

I had to add this one in because as much as I love YouTube, there is also a lot of shit that goes with it like the drama, and the shitty vlogging, prank channels, react channels and fucking Minecraft parody videos. It’s actually the reason I started this Best Of YouTube series, because I wanted to show off the best of YouTube because I truly believe it is the new way of people being able to do what they love as a job. But again, there’s still a lot of mindless bullshit on YouTube too. I love this rant.