Best of YouTube: Reviewers – Screen Junkies

This sub-category basically covers anyone that reviews something. This includes mainly cimema/tv shows and games but if I think of anything else that falls under the category I’ll also put here.

The first channel I thought would be good to head this off would be:

Screen Junkies


These guys don’t really need much promotion, since they’re a pretty big production company now but they are successful for a reason. And the great thing about being a big channel that’s dedicated to somewhat mocking films, you never really run out of content.

The channel Screen Junkies itself has a few different people posting relating content on the page, just like MatPats channel The Game Theorists (which I wrote about in a previous post Click here if you want to read Best Of YouTube: Learning – The Game Theorists). The particular aspect of Screen Junkies I’m going to link is Honest Trailers. If Bart Baker is the genius of mocking music (Click here if you want to read Best Of YouTube: Parody Artists -Bart Baker), then the writers at Screen Junkies are the masters of mocking movies.

I know that 2 of my own links of the same paragraph of my own blog may seem a bit overkill, but I like views and no one else is going to promote me until I do something good.

It’s not really too easy to explain how Honest Trailers is funny, I guess the key to understanding is in the heading itself. All the movies are picked by suggestions from the comment section of YouTube or Twitter so Honest Trailers is basically a silly over-exaggerated opinion that you might have for a film. It’s better I just do the 3 links;


Guardians Of The Galaxy – 2014

I thought I’d put this one first as its a fairly recentish film and these are the usual type of films they like to cover, Hollywood blockbusters. Plus, it’s super easy to rip on Marvel movies too.

Labyrinth – 1986

Sometimes, very rarely, Honest Trailers will actually like the movie that the fans suggest. It is still just as funny but this film in particular they were a lot more jovial with as it was released after David Bowies death, so this honest trailer in particular is very different to the others as it is more of a tribute.

Game of Thrones – Seasons 1-3

I obviously needed to add a tv show on this list because tv shows are covered alongside movies, just maybe not as frequently. I’m not the biggest fan of Game of Thrones (gasp). Honestly, I think it’s a soap opera with gore and softcore porn, and frankly, I get better gore from horror films and better porn from the internet. I’m not into fantasy unless I’m stoned and playing World of Warcraft. Other then that I think that Game of Thrones is the show of talking and character development (lame, less talking more beheadings and scenes with Tyrion Lannister because he’s a funny midget im allowed to say the M word because I’m not far off my height being almost disabling). There’s also a second part video for the other seasons so check that out if you think this one is funny.