I’ve got about 3 drafts sitting here because I wanted to post a meaningful and important thing about how important it is for all Australians to vote on the marriage equality situation that’s going to happen.

But I can’t write anything rational about the subject because it makes me so fucking angry that there’s even a vote at all.

So instead this is just another random life post, because when all the shit in my life gets too hard to deal with, I come back here to let you know I’m not dead in a ditch or anything.

So I’m moving out. This time last year, well, around this time anyway I posted about this house. It was magical when we first moved in. A quirky, weird place that I thought we were going to spend a lot of time in.

I didn’t know that this place was the beginning of the end for us. 

And I read the post that I wrote that year ago and I realise how fucking naive I was. Because this place is a piece of shit that deserves nothing more then to be bull dozed.

It’s been utter hell all winter due to the lack of proper heating and because of the shitty layout makes the wood fire place redundant. There are holes everywhere leading to the outside so I live with bugs and rodents and fuck knows what else that wants to get out of the cold. Oh, and I mustn’t forget about the lovely neighbourhood this place is located in… not only did junkies run down my front fence but they also ran down my neighbours fence too, the joys of living on the corner of round about’s with young dickheads around.

Yep, of course I feel perfectly safe here.

But in spite of all of that, I can’t stop the sadness. I had so many dreams that were crushed in this house, and I lived in this house for a year. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s him or the fact that I was so sure about this place. Before we came here I dreamt about a house with 3 rooms with high ceilings and that it was far away from where I was. And that’s exactly what this place was.

I’m glad I’m not on facebook anymore, because the family are all showing their true colours with this vote coming up.

I don’t give a fuck about the blood is thicker then water bullshit, if you quote the old testament like the cherry picking cunt you are, I hate you. And if you are still against gay marriage in this day and age you’re a fucking bigot, and your opinion doesn’t only mean shit to me, it’s fucking irrelevant in general. I don’t give a shit about sugar coating my feelings on the subject, I fucking hate this argument. It shouldn’t even be an issue left to the public and my fucking gosh I’m ashamed of this country!

Also where I stand on this issue should be pretty clear, but I support marriage equality.

gay pride

And this is why I couldn’t write a whole post on the subject, because I just get filled with rage.

Breathe Kim.

So I’ve been living in a no mood stabiliser hell for a couple of months now, because they thought it was giving me a rash but it turns out my house is just infested with fleas.

So I took matters into my own hands and started taking it again with the sheet I had left, even though I know I’m going to have to find another doctor in the next 4 days to prescribe them to me again. Because I’m not going back to a doctor who starts saying he fears for his safety because I disagree with him.

I feel physically ill when I kill bugs, and you say you fear for your safety because I said I don’t want to fuck around with a certificate for Centrelink? Fuck off idiot.

So it looks like this is just a pure anger post, but that’s all I can get out of myself right now, and it needs to come out.

I have nothing more to say about all this media covfefe.


Fuck Your Forced Positivity

Disclaimer; this opinion is coming from an incredibly unregulated emotional person, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, or the whole fucking shaker.

The reason I am writing this is because I’ve seen a lot of positivity blogs, youtube videos and whatnot. And I feel like I need to get my opinion out on this, not that I’m incredibly sure I’m correct or anything.

But in my opinion, forced positivity is more then just an incredibly annoying mindset for anybody else experiencing these vomit-worthy positive people, I think it’s an incredibly unhealthy mindset.

Because happiness is a state of mind, and to even achieve that state of mind, it requires you to experience emotions you don’t want to experience.

There is no such thing as feeling happy, if you have not experienced sadness.

There is no satisfaction without first experiencing problems to overcome.

All of our emotions are important, we are the smartest species on the planet, yet most of us can barely stand the feelings that make us uncomfortable.

Fear exists, because without fear, we wouldn’t have bravery. And to say that fear doesn’t exist is fucking delusional.

That’s what I think about forced positivity, it’s delusional. It is not truth.

It’s the equivalent of sticking your head in the sand going, la la la, if I can’t see or hear it then it can’t hurt me.

Guess what? Life fucking sucks and we are all going to die one day. Think that’s harsh? Life is fucking harsh!

And guess what? It doesn’t matter whether you ‘push out some good vibes’ or beat your head against a wall in frustration, nothing is ever going to change the above fact. The world will keep turning whether you are crying or smiling, the universe doesn’t give a fuck about you in particular, it’s too busy being awesome and holding planets and shit.

And if you’re angry about that then good, be angry, anger can be one of the most useful emotions that we have. Because if you’re angry about something, it means you’re not happy with whatever it is you’re angry at. It means you’re more likely to want to change that situation over sitting there and being content with it. Because nobody is content when they’re angry.

If everybody got angry at the world’s situation then maybe it would change, but sitting around praying or telling people to smile because the world is beautiful, does not change shit! In fact it just shows how easy your life is and how fucking selfish you are because these poor struggling people are bringing you down with their sadness.

Sadness is also important, because when we feel sad we have more of an ability to undestand other people. You really think we are all connected in this world through our happiness and good deeds? Fuck no, this isn’t a disney movie, we are all connected by the pain that everyone experiences just from being alive.

This is what empathy is, and it’s incredibly hard to have any empathy for anyone else when you’re too busy concentrating on your own fake happiness.

There is much more wisdom in pessimism then there is in optimism. Pessimism lowers your expectations so that when things do go wrong (which they will) it’s less painful. Pessimism makes you question things and people, making you trust your own instincts over anything else.

There is also a lot of beauty in sadness. Some of the best art and music was created with this emotion.

If you don’t feel scared in a world like this, then what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you living under some positivity rock? Why aren’t you scared? There is danger around every corner, and theres a huge percentage that something really bad will happen to you.

There is so much to be afraid of in this world, and people with no fear usually take stupid risks and die. I know that seems like black and white thinking but it’s true.

Without fear, there is no self preservation.

Fear is not a useless emotion! Fear stops us from doing dumb shit, like walking in front of oncoming traffic or diving into the ocean thinking we can swim in that depth.

And without first being afraid, how do you then face that fear and learn from it?

This is not meant to be a post telling you not to try and think positively or hope for better things, even though it may seem like I am.

Hope is all we really have in this world.

All I’m saying is, don’t be brainwashed by these people who seem to think that if you ignore every other emotion aside from happiness, then everything will be ok.

Because it will never be ok if you think like that.

You need to face up to the emotions that make you uncomfortable, it’s your brains way of telling you that something is wrong and you need to work on it. You need to respect those emotions, because if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be capable of feeling happiness at all.

Society has forced us into this state of mind, where we feel broken and wrong because we aren’t as happy as what the media keeps pushing out that we should be. We label emotional people as sick, we force them full of pills and we loathe their very existence because they’re always such ‘downers’.

Positivity is just another tool in the system used to sell you shit. It’s just mass manipulation so that you’ll continue to buy things.

We are more human for feeling bad, because life is hard and people get hurt so much.

You don’t have to be strong in this life, but you do have to be brave.

You have to try, try your fucking hardest.

We try and we hope, and that’s all we can do.

We have to give all of our emotions the respect they deserve, instead of disregarding them because its too hard to face.

You need to be brave, not positive.



Boycott Wall Street Journal

Calm down, it’s me guys, my first ever post was about not boycotting stuff just because you don’t agree with it.

It got your attention, right? (Doubtful, I’m probably much more smart in my head)

I hope it did, because I need to bring to light the issue of fake news and the defamtion of a person for money. I say it and it sounds pretty standard for a large media company. But that doesn’t make it right.

Because of posts from wall street journal, Pewdiepie (yep, another pewds post) has been dropped from his label Maker,and offset company of Disney, and his show Scare Pewdiepie Season 2 has been cancelled, and he is no longer on YouTube Red. They did this because they believe Pewdiepie is anti-semitic. 

Again, both of these posts may sound like I’m part of the ‘bro army’ defending my spazz god, but this post isn’t about that.

It’s about fake news. It’s about how soulless the media can be, by destroying the reputation of someone big, just for more views and money. Every post is over-exaggerated and taken waaaay out of context. How do I know this? Because they use his videos clips but cut the parts where he’s saying something against the Jews. They cut these parts out, and I watch Pewdiepies videos, he says everything in jokes. The Fiverr incident was a joke! He did not do it vindictively nor did he think those men would even hold the sign up at all!

(And no I’m not going to provide evidence for the Wall Street Journal article because to read the whole thing requires you to sign up and pay for it.)

There have also been other Youtubers who have spoken out in defense of Felix, main one being Ethan and Eila from H3H3, who happen to be Jews.

Everything is wrong about this situation. This isn’t journalism, this is blatant bullshit.

This is a problem because it takes away from the true racists, it’s a problem because it’s the defamation of a person, for the sake of money.

When are people going to stop with needing to get offended over fucking everything?

I stand beside Felix on this one #StandByPewdiePie, not because I’m a fan, but because I believe that this evil journalism is a problem that needs to stop.

Leave Pewdiepie Alone! (please look at me, I have Pewds in the title!)

For anybody who has lived under a rock, or pays no attention to what is happening on the internet, this is Felix Kjellberg, aka PEEEEEEEEEWDIEPIEEEEEEE, aka the King of Youtube.

Now you know the situation on Youtube is dire when I come out actually defending Pewdiepie, I didn’t think there would ever come a point where I needed to write something like this.

(The cringe is very, very real)

But seriously Youtube, what the fuck? Why are you punishing youtubers? Why are you punishing people like me who support your website in the biggest possible way? I literally spend at least 2 hours of my day watching Youtube, everyday. I was even paying for Youtube Red with its serious lack of content. I mean, come on Youtube, the amount of content you have you could probably watch it all in the space of a day, you have at the most like a 10th of content that Netflix has, and you’re still charging like $7 more then Netflix!

And to make it worse, since my membership has been cut because I couldn’t afford it anymore, Youtube is now punishing me with minute long adds that you can’t skip every fucking video, even to the point where there’s adds half way through videos!

Fuck you Youtube! This is not how you convince people to view shit on your website!

Look, I understand that Youtube Red was invented for the benefit of the Youtuber so that they can have a regular income from videos instead of just relying on views, which is the bulk of where Youtubers get their money from. I also understand that the biggest perk of Youtube Red is the lack of adds. But that isn’t the job of the viewer to make sure that Youtubers get viewed for the hard work and content they produce, it’s Youtubes!

Why the fuck aren’t you looking after your Youtubers, Youtube? These are the people that drive in all the revenue, basically, they are your employees, you wouldn’t even be a website if it weren’t for these people!

Youtube changes the algorithms of how you view videos all the time. Most of the time these changes overall improve statistics for Youtubers, but this latest change has seen an incredible amount of view drops for a fair amount of Youtubers, Pewdiepie was included in this too, with his views dropping significantly (for him anyway).

A lot of Youtubers made videos on these changes, A LOT. There have been channels on the way up now completely out of search results. There have been channels shutting down because they are no longer making enough money to warrant the amount of time, effort or money to make videos.

That’s sad.

It’s kind of sad to say that Youtube is now just as soulless as any of the mainstream media channels now. Youtube used to be about YOU, about ANYONE being able to upload a video, it was such a celebration of unique people and the creative content that they make. Now it’s just about bombarding you with standard shit that’s no different from what you see on TV. Why the fuck are people like Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen Degeneres and even the fucking Rock doing on Youtube? Why is Youtube promoting this? It’s not fucking fair! I’m watching Youtube to escape celebrities like this!

Back in the day, the main people on Youtube were animators, now if you’re an animator, you’re lucky that you can even afford to feed yourself, because they killed any revenue animators were getting about 4 years ago.

Because according to Youtube; Fuck art, fuck creativity, let’s promote these celebrities because they’re popular, let’s cut out anything that makes the website unique and turn it into a mass money-making drone like the rest of the media.

They’ve made this point very clear all year, what with the fucking brilliant ‘Youtube Hero’ idea. What a joke Youtube, real smart idea. Give the power of being able to strike down videos (which by the way, everytime a youtube video gets striked, it takes weeks for the Youtuber to fight for the video to get put back up, even though it may not have deserved the strike in the first place, and while it’s down no one can watch it, so it gets no views therefore no money) to the fucking public! Are you fucking serious?! Have you even been into a comment section on any Youtube video? It’s just a bunch of spastic kids spewing bullshit all over the place. And you want to give them the power to destroy the livelihoods of Youtubers?

It’s because you’re fucking lazy Youtube, why hire people with intelligence who can actually screen through Youtube and take down the bad shit like porn, or pirated movies. Noooo, it’s a lot cheaper to just employ the public to do the job you ca’t be bothered paying someone to do. Who gives a shit who gets affected, at least people only have themselves to blame if shit goes wrong.

It’s sad that the Youtube rewind had at least 5 known celebrities in it, the main one being the Rock, which they liked to throw in almost every scene. To anybody who doesn’t know what the Youtube Rewind is, it’s a video created every year by Youtube themselves meant to promote and show all the things that happened over the year with Youtubers. It’s always been to show off the biggest Youtubers, introduce you to different ones you may not have seen. So why is it, the biggest Youtuber ever, Pewdiepie, has less screen time then the fucking Rock and James fucking Cordon?

(Scene from Youtube Rewind, 2016. Dwayne, you do not belong here!)

Pewdiepie is quite literally the most famous Youtuber ever, a celebrity in his own right, promote the Pewds at least, don’t promote wankers like James Cordon, and his dumb car karaoke bullshit act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now to the main point of the heading of this heading…

Journalists have been spending a great deal of time whinging about Pewdiepie over his last stunt. Pewdiepie made a video, much like everyone else did, explaining how his views have dropped down to only 2 million views in comparison the like the 10 million he normally receives. He also explained that yes, he still makes a lot of money, but he’s making the video to bring light to the subject for all the smaller youtubers getting deeply affected by it.

This is when articles like Pewdiewhine started. I mean, how dare he complain about his views dropping when he’s already made a fuck tonne of money?

Pewdiepie then released an incredibly controversial video about how at 50 million subscribers he was going to delete his channel.

(You’ve gotta give points to the Pewds, whether you think he’s an idiot or not, he’s a marketing genius)

Now, anybody who watches Pewdiepie regularly, or is even interested in pop culture in general knows that Pewdiepie never takes anything seriously. Most of the shit that spews out his mouth is meant to funny, humorous. I mean fuck me, he’s a dude that plays video games for a living, he’s not Hitler.

I’m not even joking, this is the criticism that Felix is facing, being described as a nazi and the ‘Hitler’ of Youtube because of a comment made in jokes on the video.

OMG the over-sensitivity is astounding! Use your fucking brain people, do you really think the biggest Youtuber in the history of Youtube is serious when he says that Youtube has something against white people (Pewdiepie is white you know)? Don’t you think that sounds a bit silly? 

I don’t care what your feelings on Pewdiepie are, he is what made Youtube as big as what it is, he’s been around since 2006. Also, picking on Pewdiepie is only masking the bigger issue Youtube has, which is that Youtubers are suffering under this new algorithm which deems it necessary to promote soulless talk-show celebrities who are already on TV!

And seriously, did you really think Pewdiepie was going to delete his channel, c’mon guys, you’re all just butt hurt you fell for the best trolling of the year.

(I have Pewdiepie in the title, does that mean I get views for this post now?)


I’m Not A Second Option

Another one of the many reasons why Facebook is evil, because whether you’re on it or not there’s usually people in your life who are still friends with the people you don’t want to hear about anymore.

Thanks fam, I totally wanted to know that my recent ex is now in another state with his ex, or should I say, his first love that he is now reunited with…

Was I a good practise?

Was I a good mirror for you to witness all the ways you destroyed your first relationship?

Were you just settling for me? I mean, we look pretty fucking similar.

I hate you.

And as much as you’re fucking with my head without even being here, you aren’t the only one doing it either.

I guess my role is tits, oh and just a person to fuck with in general while you pine over a person you can’t have and who treats you like shit.

Fuck you.

I’ll deal with being treated in a lot of ways, I’ve come to accept the fate of my gender, I’m cool to use that to my advantage.

But I will NOT be a second fucking choice, or the second best option.

I would rather be alone forever, then be used. 

This is my message to any and all future men;


Fuck you if you think I’m putting up with your bullshit, because I’ve learnt my lesson. Next time around Ima gtfo the moment I sense any headfuckery.

(Yes, real tattoo, maybe you should read about it)

I don’t need this post to be long.

This is merely just to say.

Every part of me is almost completely destroyed.

Almost ready to start rebuilding.




Trigger Warnings, Trigger Warnings Everywhere…

I hate the pc culture.

More then hate it, I loathe it.

It’s pretty ironic that the people saying that violence is not the answer, are now all over social media fighting for causes. We’ve moved from actual violence to words, it’s still fighting, but I guess humanity has not grown out of its need to fight something.

Pc culture has perverted the idea of freedom of speech. 

Pc culture is killing humour.

Pc culture is nothing more then censorship, with a fancy new title.

In real life, you have a right to privacy and you also have a right to feel safe. We choose to look away from the tv, put down the newspaper, switch off from the world around us. The internet however, does not belong to you, it is for everyone. When you choose to go online, it is basically like walking through a really crowded shopping centre (mall). In that shopping centre there are a tonne of people spurting obnoxious opinions or walking into you and not noticing. We don’t expect people to bend to our wills in places like that, we accept that we are all there for a reason, to look at the shops, to buy stuff, we coexist with those people while we go about our business. The internet is a free reign place, just like a shopping centre, if you’re triggered by people in shopping centres, it is not up to every person in that shopping centre to not make you feel triggered, you just don’t go, or you don’t stay long.

Why do people expect others online to make sure that they don’t get triggered?

The thing is, I see it as bullshit that freedom of speech has been put into 2 categories now, freedom of speech and hate speech.

To me that is such a backwards statement, considering freedom of speech covers ALL speech, the moment you put something into another category you are basically making the whole concept of freedom of speech void.


Look, nobody is ever going to agree on everything, and yes it does suck that people still have some bigoted views on stuff. I’m not saying don’t argue back with them, the beauty of freedom of speech is that it’s open dialogue and we all say what we want.

But it just feels like, everybody has this need to be offended by something.

And if you’re a ‘social justice warrior’ who needs to ram your loud opinions down the throats of everyone who doesn’t agree with you, then you’re just as childish as the people you are fighting. Like watching a match of tennis between a giraffe and and a hippopotamus, fucking pointless because neither of them can hold a ratchet and hit the ball, so it just goes nowhere, just a bunch of animals making noise at each other. Because these arguments don’t change shit, they don’t help anyone, it’s just an excuse to be a self-righteous opinionated fuck.


Think about it this way, you’re prepared to fight tooth and nail from home while you’re behind a keyboard. It’s the safe way to fight. What would you actually do if you got faced with that same bigotry in real life, like in a violent situation? Would you risk your own safety defending a person that you don’t know? Would you actually try and help? Because if you wouldn’t then you ARE just an opinionated fuck who merely uses social media as a way to fight. You don’t stand for fucking anything, you’re just a child who needs validation that you’re right. Don’t pretend that you care about anyone asides from yourself.

But the beauty about the Internet is that you’re free to have those opinions. Free to have them, but nothing is ever free from criticism, this post included.

As much as I’ve put a lot of warnings up in the past for some of my posts, this is going to stop. If you can’t handle what I say, then don’t read my shit, it’s not up to me though to make sure people are going to be ok. We all have issues, we have all been through shit in our lives, what happened to hardening the fuck up? Facing shit head on?

There are so many rules to what’s appropriate and what’s not. Why is it now that if you choose not to talk about your problems, then you’re clearly not dealing with them? Why is there the argument of ending the stigma on mental illness, yet at the same time I’m reading references to people who don’t have mental illness as ‘normies’ or ‘atypicals’.

It’s fucking backwards guys, how do you expect to end any stigmas if you choose to segregate yourselves into the two categories of ‘mentally unwell’ and ‘normal’. It’s hypocritical, don’t whinge about the how fucking hard it is for you while simultaneously shunning the people who can make a difference and help.

I see people using the argument of freedom of speech used to get across opinions and then used again to shut people up in their opinions.

And my favourite one, the people who claim others aren’t open-minded while their own views are one sided. I’m sorry to tell you guys, but being open-minded is a viewpoint that not many people possess, myself included. Because being open-minded means you can see the value in all opinions.

It’s such a broad thing, like saying I don’t judge anyone. Fuck off you do, that’s a bullshit statement and you know it, we all judge, but that doesn’t mean that we act on those judgements.

The thing is, pc culture will never work properly, cutting out hate speech is not going to help anything, censoring everything that may offend people even a little is petty. We need to allow it so that we as people will always be challenged in our own morality. So that we learn to be better, to make changes in our own ways of thinking.


If you think that changing the world is cutting out all the shit that is unpleasant to you, then you need to think about what world you want to create.

I’d rather live in this supposed ‘corrupt’ world then a world created through pc censorship.

But this is just merely my own obnoxious opinion.


The Media VS Reality

Since being here, I’ve been forced to endure what I have been avoiding for the past 6 years…

Mainstream Media.

And the only thing I could think to myself was…

What a huge, steaming pile of bullshit.


I also think, how in the actual fuck can people take this shit seriously, especially considering the way they turn their media stories from news into full action-packed mini films with their fancy powerpoint slides explaining every point of detail like it’s a new fucking crime series. No news reporter even cares about what they’re reading anymore (if they ever did), they all just sit there, trying to look presentable, just reading the news. They could be reading about the deaths of children, murder in the first degree, extreme acts of racism and gang rapings of women, they don’t feel a fucking thing. It’s just a story, just entertainment, pulled from the ugliest depths of our existence. And then people watch it, and it’s nothing more then a horror story that you regularly see on the news. We expect it, all that shit is just a story, almost impossible to distinguish from fiction writing considering how desensitised we are from feeling anything at all for our fellow human.

These reporters spend more time thinking of witty segueways and stupid puns to go with the story then the actual facts of the fucking thing.

Fuck me, what a joke. What a shitstorm. You don’t even need action, thriller or horror movies anymore, just put on your local news, and you’ll feel the fear.

Fear-mongering or scaremongering, is a deliberate use of fear based tactics including exaggeration and usually repetition to influence the public in order to achieve a desired outcome. It is a tactic used to scare or put fear into those viewing a campaign/advertisement and influence the outcome based on fear.

Wake up.

The world isn’t terrible, it’s really not. If anything, we have improved our opinions and knowledge on a lot of things. So why does the media have so much terrible shit to throw at us lately?

Because more people are starting to realise that mainstream media is nothing more then a mass form of manipulation.

I’m not writing this because I’m a tin-foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. In fact, I believe there are some documentaries on that side of the fence that are just as manipulative as the mainstream media. I’m writing this just from what I can see, from my own experiences and my own research. Because I don’t like being told by any group what I should and should not think. And this isn’t a post telling you to stop watching the news or anything. All I’m saying is;

See the media for what it is, and start thinking for yourself.

media malcom X

Everything happening right now, is nothing new. These are all the same problems that have plagued us for centuries. What cloud are you living on to think that just because it’s 2016 these problems should have miraculously disappeared by now? I’m telling you right now, they won’t. These are problems that have lingered with us since the dawn of time. They aren’t just going to go away because everything else is advancing.

I’m not debating that the world isn’t a fucked up place. It is.

But that doesn’t mean that YOUR reality has to be a fucked up place.

I choose not to watch mainstream media, or be on feacesbook, because I don’t want that bullshit as part of MY reality. You can view that in two different ways (or more if you’re a big thinker); I’m living in a delusional world I created for myself because I can’t deal with the harshness in the world or; I choose not to let what others do dictate the way I want to see things, so I can make as much difference as I can to what I see.

I see these as both correct, I live in a semi-delusional world where I chose to shut my eyes and go lalala nothing bad is happening. The reason I do this though is because if I went back there, I would lose my mind and my hope for existence, and if I can’t see the point in helping what can never be helped, then nothing will change.

If you want to watch the news, but don’t actually want any facts to back up stories, look no further then Australia’s biggest news coverage channel.

I understand where this supposed ‘renowned hostility’ comment came from about Australia. There is a minority group lobbying to stop some housing being built for Muslims or some shit like that. According to the world we are apparently a very Islamophobic country. I could start throwing the word ‘hypocrite’ to the person that said it in a passing comment, because they’d rather go to New Zealand over Australia due to this ‘hostility’ even though they are from America… But I’m not going to, that would make me just as ignorant and racist as they are.

It pisses me off that people choose to blindly follow the news and judge something, someone or somewhere even though they have never seen, met or been. It makes me see red when people choose to spread their ignorant, hateful opinions on a social platform. But I guess that’s why I’m a hostile Aussie, right?

People like you have no idea about our country, our history, or what we’ve been through as a nation. You only see what your media wants you to see. Yet most Australian kids know every single American holiday, why you have it and the history behind it, through all the cartoons and American media we live off. Do you even have a clue that we were just Britian’s convicts, or that we lost the majority of our troops on Anzac Day because we got used as fodder by the English, or that we’ve only been a federation for 116 years?

And for fucks sake there is nothing wrong with the kids of today! There is nothing wrong with advancing in technology and medicine! If anything, I hold all my hope in the Millennials because they are the smartest generation yet. They learn so quickly it’s astonishing, and that’s all thanks to the internet. All thanks to the new celebrities that the kids look up to, YouTube creators. All thanks, to the advancement of technology.

As each generation has passed, we have grown, yet it’s always the same stupid argument from the generation previously; the kids have no idea what it was like living in our time, they don’t appreciate what we had to go through blahblahblahblah BULLSHIT!

Of course we don’t understand, that’s YOUR generation, how the fuck are we supposed to understand anything we haven’t experienced ourselves? When you tell the kids that they’re a bunch of lazy, technology-obsessed whingers, can you not see that you are just as stuck in your ways, with your refusal to accept that the world needs to move forward. It’s not a bad thing, it’s an exciting thing. You can’t just sit there and fucking tell me that the generation you grew up in was fucking roses, because that’s fucking bullshit and you know it. And the last thing this generation needs is the over-criticising comments from the older generations who are starting to lose the power they once had in this world.

Stop saying the world is fucked. If it’s fucked, do something. Don’t just sit there and whinge about it. Talking doesn’t help, action does. The only person you are hurting is yourself. Why? What’s the fucking point?

Encourage the kids. Encourage them to be better then us.

Encourage them to speak up.

Encourage them to think for themselves.

Encourage them to learn.

This is the only way to change the world. Let the newer generations take control, they have fresh ideas, they have more knowledge. They are smarter. They care more, they feel more.

And most importantly, they’re the ones growing up in this day and age.

It’s Gen Y’s turn to rise up into power soon, my generation, the generation with double the numbers of the Baby Boomers. We are working on it. The majority of us want to change, want the world to change with us.

Stop concentrating on the minority who still wants everyone to suffer. These are not the majority, they are just the loudest of us.

Stop blaming the ignorance of the people either. You don’t win arguments by telling people they are stupid. You do it through understanding and educating.

The rest of the world is not your enemy.

This is:

free your mind